Ocean Hydro Power and Wave Energy Convertor

What are the underlying sources of this conflict?What cultural or diversity issues may be contributing to the conflict?
February 7, 2021
Unit 4 Discussion Board-Constitutional Standards
February 7, 2021

Ocean Hydro Power and Wave Energy Convertor

Write in detail about ‘Ocean Hydro Power and Wave Energy Convertor’ and how can be implemented, follow the guidelines strictly:


A brief statement to introduce the investigation/work, and to state, briefly, the findings made and the conclusions reached. (20 – 30 lines in length).


– Reasons for doing the investigation.

– The state of knowledge before the investigation commenced.

– Why you conducted the project.

– Project brief.

Scope and Objectives:

Must clearly state the project’s aims and objectives, and the scope in which these are set. Also include project plan, note any deviations from the original plan and why.

Background Research:

Providing your reader with sufficient background to understand the project and its relevance to you.

Literature Survey/Review:

Research made for the project before commencing detailed practical or investigative work. Continue this process as the project progresses to ensure staying on track. Analyse and discuss review’s major findings, and their implications for project development.

The Investigation and its Aims:

State all assumptions made, and how trying to achieve the aims and objectives.

The report’s main body:

You need to state all findings and the various concepts have evaluated to arrive at the final set of results, and the conclusions of the research or investigation:

o Analysis: theoretical, computational, design

o Specification

o Concept

o Preferred Design

o Implementation

o Testing /Trials

o Empirical results: analysis of results and discussion

Conclusion which include:

– Different aspects of the project.

– Compares the results obtained.

– Work achieved.

Recommendations for Further Work:

– What are the ideas that have been developed in this project.

– Things that were not within the scope of the original project.

– Which could be attempted to further the general level of knowledge.

*** Word count = 9000 words.

*** in-text citations and references using CU Harvard style.

*** Articles has been attached in zip file named “Articles”.


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