Operations Management homework help

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April 9, 2021
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April 9, 2021

Operations Management homework help

No matter how impartial we may think we are, we all have biases that impact our decisions. This discussion focuses on the importance of understanding those biases in order to increase the accuracy of our analysis.
While numbers are often thought to be “neutral,” existing bias can influence which numbers are looked at, and how the analysis is interpreted. Recognizing the underlying assumptions that exist in the organization makes it possible to address those assumptions prior to analyzing the data.

  • Watch Moneyball (breaking biases)
  • In this discussion:
    • Consider the impact that using analytics had on the decisions made in the video.
    • Identify underlying assumptions that exist in an organization you are familiar with or have researched.
      • How could these assumptions impact the interpretation of analytical data?
      • How could this be prevented or moderated?


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