PHY1401 Gravitational Acceleration Research Paper of Physics

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December 1, 2020
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December 1, 2020

PHY1401 Gravitational Acceleration Research Paper of Physics

Research Paper on a Selected Topic in Physics

o Choose a topic within the realm of physics, preferably one that truly interests you.

  • § The topic can be a person, event, or concept.
  • § The topic does not have to be one we cover in this class (i.e., although we did not coverastronomy, you can still choose a topic in astronomy, since it is within the realm of physics).

o Examples of possible topics :blackholes, IsaacNewton, gravity, soundwaves, Galileo, detection of

neutrino particles, semiconductors, etc.
o Research your topic using at least four references.

§ One of the references must be our textbook. Type a report summarizing your research on the topic.

  • § You will be graded on the content of the paper, the flow of the writing, and grammar and spelling.
  • § For your reference, a sample paper is available on Blackboard.

o Reportrequirements:

  • § Standard font type and size (10-12 pt)
  • § 1.5-line spacing; 1-inch margins maximum
  • § Suggested length: 1.5 to 3 pages
  • § List of references must be included
  • § Must be submitted in hard copy form
  • § Figures are not required, but you are encouraged to use them if it helps to convey a certain concept


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