PICO: adolescent opioid abuse users

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February 5, 2021
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February 5, 2021

PICO: adolescent opioid abuse users

his assignment has two components.

development of the introduction of Evidence base practice. All introductions have a thesis or purpose statement. what is the purpose of the paper? to explore what issue or problem. introduction should address the clinical, educational, or administrative significance and background of the issues as its related to current practice. this include the statistics or dire consequences of this problem or issue. is it an issue that could significantly impact your area interest? Your introduction should conclude with the problem statement that contains your PICO question. this will cover two to three paragraphs or one page double spaced. Documentation in APA format will be required.

part two identify a conceptual framework that you think fits the PICO question. post a brief overview of the framework. , then explain why you chose it,and how the PICO question fits within this framework. a theory that can support your pico question. title page,running head,pages, reference page. less than 5 years articles

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