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February 5, 2021
HSM 240 Week 4 Assignment Goals and Objectives
February 5, 2021

Policy Memo | nursing writers

For this assignment there are 2 parts you need to complete:

– Identify and summarize the topic of your policy memo. (atleast 135 words)
Choose a science &/or energy policy issue related to physics that interests you. The topic of your memo is very important, so do some research and think carefully about it.  You should choose a specific issue that is of interest to you, that you can understand, that you can find adequate information about, and that is actually a question with different possible answers.

– For the actual written memo (Part II), you will need to use a broader and deeper range of sources. (atleast 135 words)
You also need to determine who your audience will be. There are at least two considerations.  First, who will be interested in your topic, and who might be able to act on the recommendations that you make?  Second, do you plan to write your memo for a layperson or for someone with technical knowledge?

More instructions see the attached file below


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