What is significant about the early Tertiary period?
September 9, 2020
One mole of A and two moles of B are placed in a container. At equilibrium, the density of the gas mixture is 0.312 g/L at 0.2 atm and 500 K. What is…
September 9, 2020


So this assignment is about watching one of these legeslatives house bills that will be discussed by the comittees members and right a report about these bills. I will include a report that I’ve done for one of the vedios, and the instructions. Now u don’t have to watch the entire vedio which is a two hours average, but the trick is when u see my report you will notice that I wrote the house bill the will discuss and the action was taken, and I’ll show u the trick how to see that with out watching the vedio. Now u only need the vedio to write down the committee members names and any one who testifies for it and in short phrases samuraize what they said. 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read my report to find how easy and simple I want it, and notice that every thing is there, YOU ONLY GOING TO COPY AND PASTE EACH AGENDA and COPY PASTE THE ACTION for it . the only thing you need your effort for is to write what the testfy says. 


Here are where u can choose one of the vedios and I recommand to choose one of Mar 6, 2015 topics BUT not the health care because I already used it. 




And here is my vedio I used for my report, PLEASE DON’T USE THIS ONE




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