preparing a professional development plan 4

it s sociology
April 9, 2021
Match each of the descriptions given below (symptoms, geographic distribution, mode of transmission,… Show more Match each of the descriptions given below (symptoms, geographic distribution, mode of transmission, etc.) with the viral disease that is the most likely cause. (Hint look up all of the viruses and the diseases they cause, then try to do the problem.) A yellow fever B herpes (HSV-2) C measles (rubeola) D rotovirus E ebola fever F rabies G HPV-16 (human papilloma virus) H smallpox 1.The patient, who is a sexually active young adult, has genital warts. 2. The patient is a baby who was hospitalized because of dehydration due to severe diarrhea. Patient also displays vomiting and low grade fever. An electronmicrograph of a stool sample shows a nonenveloped virus with an icosahedral symmetry (sort of round) that is about 70 nm in diameter. 3. The disease is an extremely severe hemmorhagic fever that is thought to be transmitted by contact with blood or bodily fluids from an infected person (or possibly an animal but the natural reservoir for this virus is currently unknown). An electron micrograph shows the virus to be filamentous. Infections are frequently fatal with most cases occurring in The Rebublic of Congo, Zaire and Uganda. 4. The disease is a hemmorhagic fever that is transmitted by mosquitoes. An electron micrograph shows the virus to have an enveloped icosahedral capsid. The disease used to be common in Cuba and Panama. A patient suffers from internal bleeding that results in jaundice. • Show less60
April 9, 2021

preparing a professional development plan 4

Submit a 5- to 7-page (excluding a title page and References section) Professional Development Plan (PDP). In your Plan, do the following:

  • Further develop the goals you crafted in Week 1 of this course. Each goal’s narrative must incorporate the following:
    • A statement of your goal
    • An explanation of your motivation for wanting to achieve the goal and how it relates to your personal values
    • A brief description of the steps you intend to take to accomplish your goal, including any relevant tools, strategies, or resources
    • An explanation of how you plan to use technology and/or social media to promote completion of your goal
    • An explanation of how these steps reflect consideration of personal strengths and weaknesses relevant to the goal
    • A timeline for completion of your goal
  • Use your SWOT analysis, PLN, and “The New Drivers of Leadership” Self-Assessment results as guides to ensure alignment.
  • Include appropriate references cited in accordance with appropriate APA formatting. Your References section must include a minimum of five APA-formatted, scholarly citations. Your resources must include the following:
    • Two to three readings (e.g., book, periodical, journal, etc.)
    • At least two forms of technology and/or social media sites that will contribute to the formation of your own PDP
    • At least one other resource (e.g., SWOT analysis, “The New Drivers of Leadership” Self-Assessment results, and/or your Personal Learning Network [PLN] plan)

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