Psychology Study

Explore how mitochondrial disease can occur at multiple levels in different mitochondrial processes
May 8, 2018
Identify at least one major development that transformed the U.S. health care system into what it is today
May 8, 2018

Psychology Study

Answer the following questions pertaining to psychology. Provide references APA format 150 words minimum


  1. Can an employer have selection procedures for new recruits that use cut off scores at one stage of the hiring decision process and a compensatory approach at another stage of the hiring process? Give an example. 

    Reading to answer question 1

    Muchinsky, P. M. (2004). When the psychometrics of test development meets organizational realities: A conceptual framework for organizational change, examples, and recommendations. Personnel Psychology, 57(1), 175-209.

How would you go about making a judgment regarding the utility of a published test? What factors would you consider? What resources would you us

 Define in Psychology Terms – Discreet and  Continuous Measure

 In what situation is it best to use a discreet measure? In what situation would it be best to use a continuous measure? Explain your responses.

 CH 8 Item Appropriateness

 What are some examples of items you would include in an assessment of an individual’s level of test anxiety? How would you evaluate the appropriateness of your items and each item’s performance in the assessment


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