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February 20, 2021
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February 20, 2021

Reading homework help

The purpose of this assignment is for you (a member of the public) to review a station’s performance to determine whether it is living up to its licensing requirement TO SERVE THE PUBLIC’s INTEREST, CONVENIENCE or NECESSITY (PICON). 
This is the most important part of this semester-long assignment. Based upon the information you discovered about your station the past weeks (profile, programming, communication, etc.), you will write a brief summary of findings making the case for or against the license renewal for this station in terms of:

  • How it is (or is not) serving PICON the Public’s Interest, Convenience or Necessity especially in terms of localism (serving the local people it is licensed to serve)
  • You cannot make this determination without a thorough presentation of how you are defining culture and the concept of “the public’s interest” (based upon your Media Watchdog review).
    You are evaluating the station you chose in Part 1 to research this semester. YOU ARE NOT doing an evaluation of your Watchdog organization. You shouldn’t even talk about the WATCHDOG unless you are discussing how it prepared you to come up with your own definition of PICON.


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