Return on sales ratio? – USA Dissertation Editors

What is the etiology of bronchitis?
January 14, 2021
Describe how the survey was designed, how the questions were constructed, and how the results were tabulated. Then state, in your opinion, if there are any biases in the survey?
January 14, 2021

Return on sales ratio? – USA Dissertation Editors

S&J Plumbing, Incorporated’s income statement shows a net profit before tax of $468 and net sales of $7,482 for 2010. Total assets are at $3,244. The balance sheet lists the company’s equity for fiscal year ending 2010 as $1,746.

Calculate the following ratios for this company:

  • Return on sales ratio (net profit margin)
  • Return on assets (ROA)
  • Return on equity (ROE)

Write a paper of 2 pages about the efficiency of S&J Plumbing, Inc.

Must be APA format.


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