Review and make corrections on Essay

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February 5, 2021
Ethics of Mandated Treatment – My Perfect Tutors
February 5, 2021

Review and make corrections on Essay

Is it ethical to genetically engineer animals?

February 5, 2021

This is for a paper that is already written, all it needs is corrections in bluebook format including footnotes.
I do NOT need a new paper, just corrections to the bluebook format.
Please review the already written essay attached and make sure that it is in proper bluebook format, including intext citation and reference pages. Make any changes to fit the rubric and directions.
Finally, a few other points:
1. Grade: The grading rubric for each section of your paper is highlighted above (in yellow). As you can see, 50% of your paper is the argument section, which is why I say it is your main focus.
2. References/Proper Use of the Bluebook (10%): You must use a minimum of 15 scholarly references that will be footnoted (per the Bluebook) on the page where you use the reference. Please use primary resources (e.g., the Constitution, statutes, case law) and high quality secondary resources (e.g., legislative history, peer-reviewed academic reference material like law review articles).
3. Formatting: Double space your paper and use a 12 point Times New Roman font. Please also provide a reference page that complies with the Bluebook requirements for a Table of Authorities.


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