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February 7, 2021
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February 7, 2021

Servant Leadership Analysis Paper | term papers writer

Students will develop a short paper critically analyzing and applying SERVANT LEADERSHIP to their organization/experiences. USE scholarly articles/journals found in our University Library. Search the databases for reliable, scholarly, academic resources (not Wikipedia, someone’s powerpoint or blog, websites-keep to a minimum the content you pull from a website). ALSO remember an important element of your assignments is TO APPLY THE LEARNING-how do apply motivation, leadership, etc. to your organization-your experiences (Customer Service [Museum, and Banking Call Center] is my experience background).
The paper will include:

Title/cover page
Introduction (2 paragraphs maximum)
Content/Critical Thinking Analysis (Identify key concepts, theories and models from weekly assigned chapters in textbook-how can you apply this information to an organization-give examples).
Conclusion (2 paragraphs maximum)

Papers will be 2-3 pages in content length, mostly narrative in format. Papers must follow Publication Manual of the APA 6th ed., 2nd printing guidelines (especially in regards to citing sources to avoid plagiarized work). Students will utilize content from the textbook, and any additional resources, such as scholarly articles, journals, books, assigned videos. (Note: Wikis, blogs, and any other publicly editable or opinion based information is not a scholarly resource).
BOOK: Classics Of Organizational Behavior, Natemeyer



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