Settlement of Disputes |

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October 6, 2020
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October 6, 2020

Settlement of Disputes |

  • Using the Internet and the library, select two countries of your choosing, and research their laws and regulations pertaining to the settlement of disputes that arise through business transactions.
  • Address the following questions:
    • What are the benefits of utilizing the negotiation process first?
    • How much power and authority could the WTO enact during this process?
    • What are the implications of choosing private law to seek ratification? Explain.
  • What are the ramifications of choosing the governing law? Explain.
  • Compile your responses into a Word document of 850–1,100 words.
    • You must reference at least 2 sources from your library research.

850 – 1100

How is your workload. Does this look like something you can do fairly quickly. This is actually due tonight by midnight but I will take the 10% late penalty if you think you can complete by tomorrow. 


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