Sociology Essay Questions

The metabolic pathways of organisms living today evolved over a long period of timeundoubtedly in a stepwise fashion because of their complexity.
September 18, 2020
Discuss the importance electronic health record (EHR) conceptual framework integration and achieving interoperability.
September 18, 2020

Sociology Essay Questions

Based on the textbook Getting Real About Race by Stephanie McClure and Cherise Harris (2015)

1. Imagine you encounter a hypothetical Jack and Jill. Choose 2 of the 4 frames of colorblind racism (abstract liberalism, naturalization, minimization. or cultural racism)- and assign one frame to Jack and one to Jill. Write a hypothetical conversation where Jack and Jill are making racist statements in these 2 frames, and you are the “hero” character that will enter the scene and practice bystander antiracism. What will you say to each of them? Take great care to use your own words, while at the same time incorporate new knowledge you did not have before this Sociology class.

2. You have just met two white people, Wanda and Wilma. According to this week’s reading definitions, one is a “friend” and one is the “ally.” How will you tell the difference? Describe specific behaviors that each engages in to reveal which one is which.

3. Imagine you have moved to a town where there are some major racial disparities, especially with respect to racial segregation of neighborhoods and environmental quality in the different neighborhoods (better water and air in white neighborhoods; toxic air/water in others). Top governmental officials made decisions to save money but are “not racist” and did not claim to know racial background of neighborhoods when planning. What are 3 concrete actions you would take as a private citizen, but also in working with others, to create racially progressive change?


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