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September 9, 2020
September 9, 2020


Children with impairments in sight and hearing constitute a small portion of students who currently receive special education services. However, the range of special education services for these students may be more restrictive than for special education students who are not deaf, blind, or hard of hearing. For this last and final worksheet, please do the following (based on your readings and web research this week):

1)    1) Describe at least three special education services for students with impairments in sight and hearing;

2)    2) Find and describe one professional organization dedicated to students with impairments in sight or hearing.


A substantive paragraph or more for each question should be included.  Please include a reference to support your ideas.  Take the time to cover all the elements of the question thoroughly and succinctly. Needs to be APA format and a 1000 word minimum. 

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