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What do you think the public health significance of the research question in this study was?
January 13, 2021
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January 13, 2021

Themed Annotated Bibliography |

For this assignment, you must submit a topic-specific annotated bibliography of 4sources — 3from academic, peer-reviewed journals in sport & exercise psychology and 1from a popular media source. Sources must be published between 2005-2018. Choose oneof the following themes for your annotated bibliography:

1) The psychological aspects of aggressive behavior in sport

2) The influence of Psychological Skills Training interventions programs on performance.

3) The link between leadership and performance.

4) Exercise adherence/the effects of exercise on psychological well-being.

5) The importance of psychological training for athletic trainers and physical therapists.

Provide a brief introduction to your annotated bibliography, and then for each source, include the reference in APA format, followed by two paragraphs. The first paragraph must provide a summary of the article, in your own words. In this paragraph, concisely summarize the main points of the study, including purpose, research design, participants, findings, and author(s)’ interpretation of the findings. The second paragraph must include a critical reflection on the study. For example, what is your evaluation of the research design? Did the researchers consider all relevant variables/factors? Was the participant sample inclusive? Are there any “real-world” applications for the findings of the study?

Papers must be typed and double-spaced. Must be in APA Format.


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