there is no question 1

Nursing homework help
February 20, 2021
week 1 discussion pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
February 20, 2021

there is no question 1

please read the instructions very well watch the video and answer the 4 questions below in a MLA format , no sources

300 written words

APA/MLA – 1” margins – double spaced – real sentences – spelling/grammar all count.

The Process:

Watch the video at the link below:

Discuss your answers for the following questions:

  1. Which character did you most relate to and why?
  2. Do you like change? Why or Why Not
  3. Describe the biggest change you’ve experienced in coming to Cal State – AND – How did this change impact your life?
  4. As a young professional entering the job market, what’s the biggest change you’ll need to make and why?


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