weekly discussions

Framing Process Make Right Venue Choice |
January 14, 2021
What plan do you suggest for handling communication problems involved in the given scenario? Why?
January 14, 2021

weekly discussions

1.Watch the video Health Determinants: A Framework for Reaching Health People 2020 Goals. Reflect on a patient experience where you encountered a health disparity that was a determinant to the patient’s health. In hindsight, was there an opportunity where you should have acted to help eliminate this but did not? Explain. What would you do differently next time you encounter a similar situation?

2.Recently, immunizations have become a major topic in health care at the governmental level. Based on community-level data, you have identified the need to increase immunization rates in the refugee and immigrant population in your community. Whom might you enlist as partners in planning and implementing programs to achieve desired health outcomes at the community level? Why did you select these partners?

* Cite 2 references per question, apa format

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