what are the issues? |

Take a look at the Wulf, A. (2011) Gardening as politics: Digging the founding g
January 22, 2021
NURS6640 Walden Week 2 Assessment & Diagnosis in Psychotherapy Journal Entry
January 22, 2021

what are the issues? |

add 4-5 (closer to 5 please) more pages to the attached essay. no plagiarism. please try to use the the the information from the work cited page and avoid adding more than 2 more sources.

You must view the PBS three-part film on Prohibition:

www.pbs.org/kenburns/prohibition. Compare and contrast

what happened socially, politically, and legally during this period of history with the current

legalization of marijuana movement in the United States. What issues are the same/which are

different? What was the criminal justice system’s response during Prohibition compare to

current responses? Ensure that you use as much of your text in your paper discussion as possible

(including theory, criminal justice information and data). APA format is required. .


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