What are the reasons that motivate humans to explore space

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What are the reasons that motivate humans to explore space




Why do we explore space?

What are the reasons that motivate humans to explore space? Curiosity, scientific exploration, military status and economics have all contributed to the exploration of celestial objects in outer space. The study of objects in space is called astronomy. For millennia, mankind has looked to the night sky and observed stars that make-up constellations, indicate the seasons of the year, and help to navigate the ocean. Although in the past, these observations were made using the naked eye, the use of telescopes have made it easier to use the light emitted from stars to view space, and now space flights can take us to the moon and back. The exploration of outer space has a long history but mankind made incredible discoveries and advances in the 20th century. Now the world looks to the future with new technologies and the promise of private space exploration.

In your posts this unit answer the following questions:

  1. How do telescopes collect and analyze data from stars?
  2. What can astronomers see in space using a telescope?
  3. What are two targets of space exploration?
  4. Can we live in space? On the moon or on Mars? Why or Why not?
  5. Countries across the globe launch satellites and other technology into outer space. Discuss the potential impact of space trash and how Earth can be impacted.
  6. What is the future of space exploration? Explain why you would or would not contribute to space tourism by buying a ticket for a trip to the moon?

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